Perfectly Imperfect

I am officially a strong independent woman, I’m stubborn, determined and a little bit feisty.
I’ve worked hard to get the career I want and never shied away from a challenge, no matter how scary.

So why, oh why, whilst in London for work, a place with the most amazing eateries on every corner, did I seriously consider eating a Travelodge pizza sitting on a plastic chair for dinner?

Here’s the embarrassing truth, going in to a pub or restaurant by myself makes me nervous, and make no mistakes this is not the first time I’ve had to do it.
I have travelled by myself for work for years and always taken the least high risk option for food. But don’t think that means room service, oh no the same fear applies here too. Do I tip, how much, how do you do it? My life is officially a socially awkward mess.

Now this got me thinking, I’m the same when I go to the gym, I use the equipment I know how to use even though what I really want to do is to get rid of my back fat!
I don’t know if it’s a woman thing, a Jo thing or just a human being thing, but I am scared I’ll do the wrong thing and look a little bit silly.

Tonight, in a Travelodge Superior Room I’ve had an epiphany. I’ve realised that stepping out of your comfort zone is not something reserved for the work environment, it applies equally to the life part too.
So I did go out. I found a lovely bar with the friendliest of staff, who didn’t laugh at me at all when I asked if I should order at the bar or table. Who encouraged me to get the fries when I wasn’t sure if it would be too much and laughed with me when I nearly managed to demolish the lot and most importantly who didn’t think I was a cheap skate when I asked if Champagne Happy Hour was still on.

The truth is, people don’t judge us, we judge ourselves.
We live our lives hiding our perceived imperfections from others for fear of what they will think, when in fact it is those very imperfections that make us human, make us funny, make us us.
People appreciate the humanity of the imperfect because it’s a relief to know you’re not the only one who messes up, who says the wrong thing, who let’s face it, is completely incapable of contouring. And asking for help? Well that just makes the other person feel special.

So in a world of snap chat filters and status updates, let’s start a revolution, let’s stop worrying about making a fool of ourselves and just go out there and do it.
Lets show the world that being imperfect is ok, more than ok, it’s what makes us perfect!

“Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it “

Salvador Dali



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  1. Your writing just flows and hits home on many levels. Go you!! And hell yeah being imperfect is ok as what the hell is perfect anyway…….🙆‍♀️


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